Thursday, August 26, 2010

Double 9

Because 9 is my favorite number, and this is my 99th post, I wanted to do something special for it. I've spent these last few weeks trying to figure out what "special" thing I wanted to post about, and believe you me... it's been rough! I have finally settled on posting pictures from some of my favorite memories I've had this summer :) Because I failed miserably with staying on top of blogging for the last few months, this will also be a good way to catch up on things! So here we go with 9 of my favorite memories this summer:

Going to the rodeo with my family (heart)

Going on a trip to St. George with my best friend, her sisters, and one of their cousins :)

Doing a photo shoot with my older sister :)

Going to the midnight showing of Step Up 3 with my German sister. AWESOME!!

Vacationing in Manti with the best two roommies in the world!

Shopping for rings in Springdale.

Staying at an amazing ranch near Zions National Park (they had a pretty cool swimming pool:)

Doing a photo shoot involving balloons with my German sister and ... "real" sister... haha

My German sister treating myself and my family to a German breakfast! (Something I had been wanting to gorge on for the last two years!)

AND!!!!!-- I have a bonus memory that I love:
My little bro came back from his service mission!!!!
Welcome home little bro :) You da bomb!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Postcards from Around the World :)

There are a few things that I collect: rubber duckies, key chains, and postcards. Out of these collections, my postcard collection is by far the biggest! For fun, I have been putting the postcards on my bedroom door so I can look at them every day. However, I think it is about time I take them down and put them somewhere safe. It's always scary to come through my doorway with a laundry basket, a backpack, or a box because I fear bending some of the postcards on my door. While looking at my door won't be the same anymore, I think I can happily make a scrapbook of all the wonderful postcards I have :) I have postcards from countries like Bolivia, Peru, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Canada, and the U.S.-- Utah, California (Disney Land), Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Forida, New York, and so on.

Off to the Rodeo We Go!

A little over a week ago, I went to the Rodeo with my parents, little sister, and older brother. It was a delightful time :) This was my 3rd time to the rodeo; I went once as a little child and only remember the clown (I did not like that clown.... strange memory), and I also went last year. I will tell you what, it is a really fun time! My favorite part of the rodeo is probably the Mutton Bustin! This year a little girl won :) It was so so so funny to watch this little girl cling onto the sheep for dear life (plus she was riding the sheep backwards, haha). I hope my family makes it a tradition to go every year :)