Friday, April 30, 2010


Alright, I've got more :) These choir pictures are from the Encore show my senior year. Oh my, it was a blast!!! Again, my Principal (Mr. McKee) was the one to take the pictures. Unfortunately, there aren't pictures from every number, but these are some of the best from what I've got :)

Wohoo!!! Go Encore!!! ;)


I've never been a big fan of running. I dance. That's what I do. Running, to me, just seems monotonous and boring. HOWEVER, on Wednesday, my best friend asked me to go running with her; i accepted. And as it turns out, I enjoyed it! I enjoyed running! We were only out for about a half hour because I needed to get back home for other things, but I really did have fun :) (Thanks Andrea!) Because of that good experience, I went running on my own today. Again, I was only out for about a half hour, but I consider that a great accomplishment for me :) The point of this story is, I found joy in doing something that I never thought I would. That's amazing to me.
I hope you all have a lovely Friday!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Exciting Discovery!!!

This post contains a plethora of pictures, I know. But, oh!, what an exciting discovery! This past week has mostly consisted of cleaning my room and job searching. The other day, I came across some CD cases, and inside of one was two CD's containing pictures that my Principal from high school took of our choirs :) (How cool is he? Very cool.) So I uploaded all of the pictures onto my computer yesterday, and I was just super excited to post my favorites! So out of the hundreds of pictures, these 30+ pictures are among the best :) Some of you could probably care less, but to me, these pictures bring so many wonderful memories flooding back to mind!
Being a part of the choirs at my high school was a very enlightening experience. I learned so much, and made so many friends that I will keep throughout my life. These pictures are from my senior year of choir. (My favorite year of choir was junior year. I'll see what I can do to get pictures from that year up, because it was phenomenal!)