Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hey Peeps: I have started a new blog: Untainted Passions :) I may continue doing posts on this blog (The Little Blessings of Life) on occassion, but I'm going to see if I can switch completely over to this new one.... we'll see! Check it out:
Follow me! My blogs may not have a specific theme, but I hope you enjoy my posts! Thank you to those of you that actually look at my blog on a regular basis-- you're what keeps me posting!
Peace and Much Love

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhm ingonyama

A week ago today, I went to see The Lion King at the Capitol Theater in SLC with my mom and little sister. It was a wonderful experience!!!! Before going to the play, we went out to dinner and then spent some time on temple square.
During the first song of the play (The Circle of Life), all of these dancers/actors/singers came out with these AMAZING costumes. I cried, it was so beautiful! No, I was not bawling, but my eyes started watering, and I was just so happy. :) It was then that I realized that when I do finally make it to Africa, I am going to cry as soon as I can see the land from my plane window. It will be a blessed experience--one I've been waiting for most of my life. Oh how I loved the play! All of the characters were portrayed so well, and the music was oustanding. Who knew a play based off a cartoon of wild animals could be so amazing?
Thank you Mom for giving me that outstanding experience! It's right up there with Wicked for me :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like it's Dynamite

Yes, I had my birthday last week! Woot Woot! My BFF had me set aside Saturday so that we could spend the day together in celebration of me achieving yet another year in life. We did many things: went to breakfast at One Man Band (first time there for both of us!), visited a couple antique shops, went for a walk, got cupcakes and frappes from the The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe, watched a movie, and played a game at the dollar tree where you find the coolest thing there and buy it ;) It was a super awesome day!
Thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes on my birthday! They were very much appreciated, and made me feel so happy :) (Who knew so many people used facebook to wish others a happy birthday?!?)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Dance

Friday night was an awesome night! We had the opening social at Heritage Halls with the theme "Dancing Through the Decades". Needless to say, I did my best to dress up all 80's. (I wanted to go wearing yellow leggings, an awesome leotard, and fitness shorts on top-- Alas, it didn't fit with the Honor Code.) Anyway, I danced at that dance for a couple hours, but then frolicked over to the dance at Brigham Square, where my life was filled with felicity as I danced the night away with my dear friends from Club Style! :) When the dance ended at 11:30pm, my darling dancing friends and myself did a small list of things:
We got slushies from Sonic,
We went swimming at a pool at someones apartment complex,
and last but not least...
We went to Dennys.
It was a very fun-filled night!!! I didn't get back until 4:00am, and still didn't get to bed until 5:00am because I needed to shower. Nevertheless, it was an awesome night :)
(Please forgive my messy room in these pictures-- I didn't want to take the time to crop them, haha.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Experiment...

In the past I have mentioned and even shared pictures from a blog that I love: The Clothes Horse. This is a very clever fashion blog where the owner produces pictures of herself and the style that she has. (Currently, she is visiting Europe so she has been sharing excellent pictures of the world around her.) Since following her blog, I have begun to consider my own style-- or even if I have style! Well, at the end of last week, I decided to just document a few days of what clothes I wore. Here, I am posting 5 days worth :) The first day I wore some things that I typically don't wear often-- the colorful shrug, and a pair of red converse. For some reason, I feel like converse don't look too good on me... Anyway, if you have any comments about anything, feel free to share! Maybe one day I will discover what my true fashion is :)
(Some of the pictures are fuzzy, and I apologize for that! One day, I want to own one of those really nice Cannon or Nikon cameras... maybe I'll get one for my upcoming birthday...)

I got my hair cut this day :)