Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sun-Kissed Saturdays

There's something about a relaxful day in the sun. Letting your body soak up that vitamin D... feeling carefree as you spend time with family and friends... I don't have these days as often as I wish I did! I see pictures of those people that are blessed with time to be in the sun nearly every day and it appears to me as though they are just so happy and pleased with life!

Earlier this summer, I got to go on a little family trip to Zions National Park. While there, I was able to take my family to a little area where we could play in the water that most people don't know about. As far as I know, the location isn't on any of the maps... but I can't prove that, haha. We spent a lovely afternoon in the sun and playing in the water. Those that know me pretty well know that I do not like fish, and I do not like swimming in water that I don't know what's in it... Now I guess you all know me pretty well ;) My brothers were able to convince me to jump off a little cliff into some dark water.... CREEPY! It was a thrill!!!! And I actually enjoyed it! In order to do this, I needed to clear my mind so I wouldn't think about the potential fish, bugs, and frogs that might be swimming with me. After clearing my mind, I would plunge into the dark hole of water... I can't say that I actually became fully comfortable with this activity, but I did start trying to do little 'tricks' in the air when jumping. It was a good time :)

While I am an adict to the rain and I feel as though I cannot get enough of it, I am also very grateful for the sun. It makes the body feel a certain way that rain doesn't.... I suppose rain does the same thing for the body compared to the sun, ha. I hope to be able to take more days this summer to soak up the sun and just relax and enjoy myself.

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