Sunday, March 27, 2011

With Real Intent

As a member of the LDS church, I participate in many prayers given throughout the day. Prayers in the morning and night, prayers to bless food, prayers given in class, prayers offered among roommates, prayers in church settings, and so on and so on. When having a discussion with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago, we talked about the feelings we have when public prayers are given. He brought up a point that really stuck with me. More often then not, is seems as though some prayers are offered very monotone, beginning middle and end, and that the feeling is very plain. There are those that pray like this, but there are others that really do pray with real intent and with emotion. After he mentioned this, it made me reevaluate the way that I pray.

On Sunday, I volunteered to give the closing prayer in Sunday School. As soon as I stood up, I remembered those things that my boyfriend mentioned, and I made the concious decision to pray with real intent and with emotion.

It was powerful.

Although this experience was only a couple days ago, it is still resonating strongly throughout my body. When praying like this, I am more aware of my personal relationship with God, and I am more inclined to give so much more thanks for those things that I know I am grateful for but typically wouldn't think about. Thanks to my boyfriend, I have been reminded of how powerful and important prayers really are. We are opening in the name of our Creator, our Heavenly Father. We are closing in the name of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. How powerful and meaningful prayers really are. I am so grateful for this key form of communication we have with God, and I challenge those reading this to become more aware (if you aren't already) of the way that you pray, and take it to the next level if necessary in order to make it more meaningful to you.

Much love :)

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